Assassins Rules

Assassins is a game where everyone in the game is assigned a target, who is someone else in the game. You then find your target in real life and eliminate him. After eliminating your target, you go after his target.

Over time Sasssins has found the precise set of rules below to be our best assassins rules. They might not be the best for you or your game. That's why Sasssins lets you make your own assassins rules.

Sassins' Default Assassins Rules

The game consists of players iteratively eliminating their targets while attempting to avoid their own targeters. The last player alive is the winner.

Eliminating Your Target

You can eliminate a person only by successfully hitting his torso with a weapon; this means either touching him with a held melee weapon or hitting him with a ranged weapon.

Please try very hard to not actually hurt anyone or damage anyone’s possessions.

Protecting Yourself

If, and only if, you notice your targeter holding a weapon and making a move to attack you or get near you (regardless of whether you are in a safe zone at the time), then you may eliminate that assassin at any time in the future. If you succeed, it is called a “defensive elimination.” All the rules that apply to regular elimination also apply to defensive elimination.

Outside Assistance

No one is allowed to eliminate your target but you. Others may ’’take bullets’’ for you but they cannot actually eliminate anyone.

Allowable Weapons

  • Socks (only as a throwing weapon, not melee)
  • Spoons (only as melee weapons, not thrown; the scoop end is the deadly one)

Safe Zones

Safe Zones are areas in which you cannot eliminate or be eliminated by anyone. If someone attempts to eliminate you in a safe zone, please inform him that you are in a safe zone and that their ’’elimination’’ is invalid.

Safe Zones Include:

  • Places where class is in session (the room/area is only safe as long as a professor or TA is present)
  • Game Organizational Meetings
  • Player’s living space (exception: if you invite your assassin into your room, it is no longer a safe zone)
  • Bathrooms (only if both the target and the targeter have one foot in the bathroom – i.e. you may attack into or out of a bathroom)
  • Places of worship

Safe Zones Exclude:

  • Dining Halls
  • Libraries

Your Target

Your target is the person you are currently assigned to eliminate. When you eliminate your target, you will be assigned a new target. When the game begins, you will be sent an e-mail that contains your target’s information (name and email address). You will be given a new target within 24 hours of a valid reported elimination.

Reporting Eliminations

When you eliminate someone, either while completing your mission or defending yourself from a targeter, you should report the elimination as soon as possible via You will be given the option to include a detailed gruesome story about how the elimination happened and what sequence of events led to it. The report will be posted on the status page of your game for all to enjoy!

Realistically, the target has no real motivation to report his elimination. Therefore, if the targeter reports the elimination before the target has, the target will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to dispute or confirm the elimination. If the target does not act within the allotted time, the game’s administrators will assume that he does not dispute the elimination, and the target will be noted as eliminated.

However, we strongly encourage all players to report their eliminations as soon as possible so that games can run smoothly.


When you are eliminated, your alias and user account will be publicly linked and everyone will be able to see who you actually were. If you are eliminated, we ask that you exit the game politely and with good sportsmanship; there will be many opportunities to play again.

Also, when you die, your targeter will be reassigned to target the player whom you were targeting so you should give your target to your targeter when he eliminates you.