What is Assassins?


Assassins is a game where everyone in the game is assigned a target, who is someone else in the game. You then find your target and eliminate him (hit him with an allowable "weapon"). After eliminating your target, you go after his target. The game ends when only one person has not been eliminated, or on a specific date.

Assassins is a game that is popular among all different groups of people. Companies, Fraternities & Sororities, Universities, High Schools, Towns & Cities all organize and play Assassins. Conferences have been known to have assassins games that occur for the duration of the conference.

Assassins games are played over an extended period of time. Assassins games are not typically restricted to a specific place, rather they take place wherever the players happen to be.

Assassins is not a computer game, or a game played online. It is played in real life!


To play Assassins, first gather a group of people who want to play. You could make an assassins game for the members of your local club, organization, or residence hall, or even your whole town. An assassins game involes real-life contact, so make sure that all of the players in the game live in the same area/city.

There are many ways to advertise a game of Assassins. Some common ways are to use email mailing lists to target people who are interested. For example, larpers tend to be interested in Assassins. Assassins is a game of broad appeal though, people from all walks of life will readily play and become excited about the game.


After you have gathered your group of people together, you need to familiarize eachother with the rules of Assassins. The rules of Assassins are quite varied, and groups usually adopt their own unique rules. For instance, in an office game, you might designate a person's cubical or meeting room as a safe zone where no one can be eliminated. There is also a wealth of information about assasins rules in the wikipedia article about Assassins.

Target Profiles

Sassins.com will automatically provide players the names and email addresses of the players they are targeting, but sometimes that's not enough information to find one's target. Providing additional information, such as a photograph, address, or class schedule can help your assassins make kills faster. If your game is hosted on Sassins.com, players can give this additional information to their targets via their target profile, a (textile-enabled) place in which a player can write information that only the game arbiter and the player's targeters can see. Your game rules can require players to enter personal information in their target profiles. Players can include photographs that are on other sites. They can even include their Facebook picture by following this Facebook picture guide. In the past we have required players to post their address, photos, and class schedules into target profiles.

Assign Targets

To start the game, players of assassins must be assigned to target each other. The most common and simple way to assign targets is to assign them in a circle. This means that each player has one target and one targeter and if a player eliminates all of his targets, she will be the only person left in the game.

Manage Events

After assassins players have been assigned targets, they go out and start hunting! They will start reporting events to you, such as "I eliminated Someone" or "Someone eliminated me." Your job is to make sense of these reports, ensure they are accurate, and publish them. This can be difficult because a player might dispute the elimination, or it can be hard to make a decision if all of the information isn't in one place.

Sassins.com has a system of automated event resolution which makes resolving events dead simple. All of the information is in one place, and disputes can be resolved with only minimal action on the part of the game host.

Once the outcome of an event has been determined, it should be published somewhere so that the players and their friends can see the events. The best place to publish events is on a website. The internet lets you distribute the history and score of an assassins game with little effort.

When you publish an event on Sassins.com, the website will do a number of things for you:

  • Email the report to all the players.
  • Add the report to the game history.
  • Update the Scoreboard.
  • Update the assigned targets so that the player who made the elimination gets the target(s) of the person he eliminated.
  • Reveal the name of the person who got eliminated (players still in the game are known only by their secret alias).

All this in just a few clicks!

Finish Your Game

When an assassins game is done, a winner is often declared. Different games have different rules for determining the winner. Typcially, the winner is the player with the most eliminations, or the player who survived to the end of the game. While the survivor method is the most common method used, the most-eliminations method seems to work better in practice. This is because the survivor method encourages players to hide themselves. While this can lead to interesting reports of how someone is eventually found, it lessens the frequency of eliminations. When you say the winner is the player with the most eliminations, players tend to focus more on making eliminations than defending themselves.

This doesn't mean that you have to declare only one winner. Sometimes prizes are awarded to both the last alive and the player with the most eliminations.

After a winner is awarded you want to make sure that your game is available for people to view in the future. One of your players might want to view the game years from now when they remember playing in it. This is possible with websites, and is enabled by Sassins history feature.